The Road With No Direction

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Quite often, we stumble across roads with no direction, an endless path that seems to lead to nowhere.

It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do, I don’t know either. In fact, many people have no idea what they’re doing, and that’s totally fine. It’s a modern myth that everyone has to decide exactly what they want to do with their life at the age of 18 (or whenever they leave compulsory education). You can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. There’s no right way to do anything, and the only way that will suit you is your way – whatever that may entail.

While many people go through life knowing what they want out of it, and that’s super awesome for those who do, you can’t let yourself feel disheartened if you’re one of the ones that have NO idea. You may go through life with seven or eight (or even more) ideas of various careers and jobs that you want to follow. That’s cool, and it’s totally fine to try a few and hate them, then try something else. You can take everything at your own pace.

Sometimes you can’t find the right path even after some trial and error – that’s life. It’s not always clear what you’re meant to do and when. Often, you just have to take a leap. Whether it’s taking a degree in a subject that you possess a blazing passion for (this is a topic I’m well versed in) or flipping a coin and choosing a destination to take the trip of a lifetime (something else I have experience in), there are often many options and challenges to be faced along the way, but that’s all part of the fun of it. Not knowing where you’re going is actually quite alright.

In her book, North Of Beautiful, Justina Chen writes “Getting lost is just another way of saying ‘going exploring'” – something I will try and remember this year. We’re never lost in life (even though it sometimes feels like it), just exploring a path that we may not have planned to end up on, and sometimes, those winding, mystical tracks lead us straight to the mighty summit.

The void often stretches before us, and we have no clue which path to take, but that’s all part of the fun of life. We get to choose our own way, even if there are no signs to guide us in the direction we want. We always end up exactly where we need to be.

Cover Image: Sunrise at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. September 2016.

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