Useful Travel Websites: Part 1

Some useful things for y’all.

The internet is full of both amazing and absolutely crap information when it comes to travel. From hotel reviewers to flight search engines and blogs on how to get the best backpacker deals, there’s everything you could imagine on the internet, plus a bit more.

Here are some of the most useful travel-related websites:


Searching hundreds of travel sites at once, Kayak allows you to put in destinations, times and needs and then scours the internet for the best deals available to you. With multi-city options and a list of hotel deals available, Kayak is an excellent way to plan a trip where multiple flights and destinations are involved.


Hostelworld is a backpacker’s best friend. With over 33,000 of hostel options in 170 cities around the world and reviews by 8 million guests, it’s the best way to find a cheap but exceptional hostels wherever you’re going.

Their blog is also a good place to look; with guest travel bloggers giving their best tips from cheap travel to budget backpacking, it’s a useful tool that has information on pretty much every destination you can think of.


If hostels aren’t for you, consider an AirBnb rental. AirBnb options range from private rooms (I’ve stayed in the spare room of someone’s apartment in Amsterdam) to whole apartments, giving you freedom to choose what option is best for you. While a whole apartment gives you excellent privacy, renting a spare room gives you a chance to have a local on tap for expert knowledge and great recommendations. You do have to get approved, but AirBnbs are remarkable cheap and are often the best way to stay in a city.


Spontaneous getaway? Skyscanner is the ultimate destination for last minute, cheap flights bookings.

Lonely Planet

Probably the king of travel guides, Lonely Planet have changed the way we travel. With coverage relating to all the far-flung corners of the globe, the site has everything you need. From car rental information to sight-seeing tips, they have everything covered. Either visit the site, or head down to the bookstore and grab yourself a copy of one of their exhaustive guide books.


If Lonely Planet is the king, TripAdvisor is the queen of everything review-related. Hotels, flights, holiday rentals, restaurants and things to do are all covered by TripAdvisor; have a read of what independent guests have had to say about their experience at hotel X or bar Y to give yourself an idea of the experience you’ll get.


Rome To Rio

Discover how to get literally anywhere on This is a search engine that will show you everything from times to prices (and even carbon emissions) in relation to flying, driving or getting the train to your destination. It’s fun to play around with, even if you’re not going anywhere!


Accuweather is the ultimate guide to the world’s weather. Available in both fahrenheit and celsius, you can search any place for what the weather is like there today, tomorrow and next week. While it can’t guarantee anything, it can help you plan ahead and adapt your packing to whether it’s thunder or blazing sunshine you’ll be greeted by.

Nomadic Matt

One of the most popular travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt’s success has led him to become a New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of a travel blog that has over 1,000,000 visitors a month. Heading to his site for tips on how to travel better, cheaper and longer; Matt’s ideas vary from tips on handling life on the road to how to avoid paying bank fees while travelling. Always non-sponsored, Matt’s blog is an objective source of travel information.

National Trust

Far more than a catalogue of National Trust properties – which are always a wonderful day out on home soil – the NT website has a range of planning kits for UK-based days out, an exhaustive list of events all around the country, and ways for you to get involved in your local environmental projects. For outdoor opportunities close to home, the National Trust is your best bet.


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