Why You Should Travel: Part 1

Get on that bloody plane.

Travelling is something that will change everything in your life. Not only will you see awe-inspiring places, experience breathtaking moments and meet an endless amount of inspiring and talented people, it’ll also teach you things you never knew and allow you to know yourself in ways that you weren’t even aware of. Here are a few of the thousands of reasons of why you should travel.

You’ll Meet Yourself

Travelling is the best way to meet yourself. You’ll get to know yourself in ways you never thought you would. You’ll know that you can negotiate the NYC subway system at 4am, or that you can hack a 12-hour trek through valleys and mountains. You’ll learn what you like, and what you don’t. You’ll see what really tests you, and what you could do with a blindfold on and one hand behind your back.

Travelling alone is the best way to know yourself. For example, I didn’t know that I could even make it on the plane when I went travelling solo, yet I’m here to tell the tale and I’m much richer for it.

You’ll Have Experiences That You Will Change The Way You See The World

Things will happen to you while you travel, and often these things will be on either end of the experience spectrum: totally awesome, or downright terrible. Both of these extremes, and all the bits in the middle, are happening to you for a reason. All these experiences, whether you’re skydiving in Australia or tracking lions in Kenya, will have happened because you need to see/hear/experience something.

The moments you have while travelling will open your eyes to the realities of the world. You’ll meet people from different cultures and walk through places that seem like another planet to your home. The world will seem like a much bigger, more powerful and much more wonderful than it ever did from home shores.

It’ll Let You Move Forward

If you’ve just left school, university, a testing job or a relationship (or literally anything else), a trip away will let you really move on. Travel helps you let go; by seeing the world, you realise how precious our time here is, and how you can’t spend a minute more of it wallowing in self-pity or the memories of what once was.

Travel Gives You A Fresh Perspective

Meeting people from other cultures and visiting places you weren’t ever aware existed will show you just how awesome the world can be. It shows you that the way you look at the world isn’t the only way. Travelling gives you a fresh grip on reality, and puts into perspective what really is important (Warning: often the list of what is important contains travelling, travelling, and yet more travelling.)

It Challenges You

Travelling (particularly solo) will challenge you more than you ever think it will. For example, when I was in NYC last August, I didn’t realise that the nighttime subway only does “local” trains. Not realising what this meant, I ended up at West 110th Street at 12:30am on a Friday night, and practically ran back to my hostel, tears streaming down my face, convinced this is where I would meet my untimely demise. I was fine.

Travel provides you with wave after wave of challenges, and they are incredibly rewarding to overcome. You just gotta throw yourself into weird and wacky – and sometimes totally terrifying – situations that travel hurls at you. You will overcome it. You can do it.

For The Hell Of It.

Just go.

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