Saving Money For Travel: Part 2

Don’t let money stand in your way.

One of my first ever posts on here was “8 Ways To Save More For Travel“. The actual money needed for travelling is always a topic that comes up when people are talking about going somewhere, or why they haven’t been yet.

Yes, it can take a very long time to save up, but that shouldn’t mean that you can never go. You’ve just got to commit.

Here are 8 more ways that you can save up that money and make your travel dreams a reality.

Create A Savings Plan

Part of the reason why people find it hard to save up money is that they don’t specifically put money aside – they save whatever’s left after they’ve spent all their money that month. It may sound obvious, but choosing an amount to set aside each month, and put it away as soon as you get paid is the best way to save a decent amount each month.

For example, from now on, I’m putting aside £650 of my monthly income to save for travel, and I’m not going to touch it until I’m booking my flights and tours. Simple!

Make Your Own Lunch

I’m guilty of buying lunch every single day, and I know from my own experience that 5 days worth of work lunches can rack up huge amounts. So instead of going to Pret or Costa and spending £5 on a soup or sandwich, cook your own the night before. Meal prepping, and then bringing those meals into work, will make sure you save some cash and look after your health.

Do Free Things

You don’t have to pay to have a good time. I live in a major city where there are always loads of fun – and free! – things to do and gigs to go to, but often in smaller cities and towns there are free events that will be just as fun as a night at an expensive cocktail bar. Day trips can be free too; for example, you can head to your nearest national park (my favourite in the UK is the New Forest) instead of a theme park.


The 30-day Rule

My challenge for the next month is to not buy anything I don’t need, and in order to do that, I’m imposing a 30-day wait on everything that I want to buy. Ultimately, this method consists of waiting. Once you see something you want, you wait 30 days before you buy it, and if after those 30 days you still really want it, you get it. Often by the end of the period you’ll have forgotten all about what it was you wanted, saving you both your time and your money.

Buy Used

If you do need to replace something, and you actually do need it, try and buy a used one. Used appliances, books and clothing are just as good as brand new ones, and are often a lot cheaper.

Take Public Transport or Carpool

It’s obvious, but taking the train or bus to work instead of driving will save you so much money. If that’s not an option, try carpooling. While it’s not really a thing here in the UK, carpooling will allow you to share the cost of your journeys, and have someone to take that journey with.

Cut Your Phone Bill

I’m not saying that you don’t need your phone, but take a good look at your phone bill and see what services you can cut down on. Do you really need so much data? Do you really need an upgrade, or is your current phone working fine? Mobile providers are infamous for making us believe we need all these services and then charge us huge amounts for them. Have a look at what you don’t use at all, and ditch them.

Downsize or Rent Cheaper

One of the biggest monthly expenditures is always our rent or mortgage payments. I’m lucky enough to live with my parents – and if this is an option for you, I’d highly recommend it. A free place to live and you get to hang out with your mum and dad? Winner.

If not, downsizing your house or moving to a cheaper area can be an easy way to save several hundred pounds a month. When you move into a smaller space, you’ll often find that your bills will decrease too – double win.

Whatever method you choose to help you save your money (I’ll be writing even more of these posts in the future to help you further), don’t feel daunted by how much money you’ll need for travelling. They’re just numbers after all.

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