Why You Shouldn’t Travel

Sometimes it’s not right.

I’ve found that almost everyone wants to do some travelling of some kind. For all sorts of reasons, people take to the skies and go on road trips to “find themselves” and with the sole purpose of trying to fit in, because it’s what is “expected of them”. There are so many reasons to go travelling, why it’s enthralling and challenging and will change you for the better. There’s a perception, forced into our hands from social media and travel bloggers, that every picture will be perfect, and every moment will be captivating.

While there are hundreds, thousands of reasons for you to travel, there are a few as to why you shouldn’t. These are things that will only apply to a few people, and I was definitely one of those people last year. Travel shouldn’t be about finding certain things, or wanting to emulate someone else’s trip or looking for something you know you don’t truly need to be happy.

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

You shouldn’t be doing things just because everyone else is doing them – this applies to literally everything in life. Don’t go travelling if it’s not what you want to do; it doesn’t matter that all your school friends are there right now or it’s what is “expected” of you, the chances are that the people who really care about you don’t actually give a damn, they just want you to be happy.

Don’t travel for the sake of your social media platforms either. You won’t ever be able to recreate an Instagram post from your favourite blogger, or recreate the Snapchat story that had you sold on the destination, as these were not your experiences. You cannot have other people’s experiences – however hard you try – so you should travel to make your memories.

Because You Want To Be Like Someone Else

Don’t travel because someone you admire as been somewhere cool. Don’t travel because someone said that a place far away gave them the time of their life. Don’t travel because someone you admire spent a year abroad there. You should never try to emulate someone else’s experiences because you’ll miss out on creating your own memories. Don’t try and live up to someone else’s trip, as you’ll forget to do the things you actually want to do while you’re out on the road. You will always be you, and you’re pretty awesome. 

Because You Are Looking To Impress And/Or Find That Someone

You shouldn’t travel if you’re looking to find happiness or to find someone to love, because the chances are you won’t enjoy your experience as you won’t be really living it. You shouldn’t travel to take pretty pictures for Instagram and to show off to friends back home, as you’ll spend more time immersed in your phone than in your fun. You’ll miss moments that you’ll never experience again because you were too busy trying to impress someone that isn’t even there with you. And that blows.

Because You Want To Escape Your World

I learnt this one the hard way. I was desperately hoping that when I returned home I would see my life with new eyes and that all my problems would have evaporated, and that I could feel free again. It didn’t work. I landed back into the same situation that I had tried to escape. Your world will be waiting for you when you come back, whether you like it or not, so use your travel time to learn to appreciate the world for all it’s wonder and glory, and learn to let go of the not-so-good stuff. Travel to get stuck into the world.

Because Someone Told You You Should

Don’t go because you were told to go. It’s no one else’s decision but yours, and you don’t have to listen to anyone. You don’t have to do it the way other people have done it, follow their itinerary or go to the same places as them. You are a totally, wonderfully unique human and your joy isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Forget about what you’re told, and travel to find your happiness and your experiences, not the happiness and experiences someone is telling you to have.

Travel because you need to. Travel because you want to. Travel because your heart is singing at the thought of the experiences you’ll have and rejoice at the freedom you’ll discover. Get on that plane and go live your truth, no matter what anyone else says, expects or demands from you. 

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