How To Start Travelling

It’s as easy as ABC.

Step 1: Pick a place

Any place. Near or far, hot or cold, rainforest or desert. It’s calling you and you need to go.

Step 2: Create a Budget + Save Money

The hardest of the steps, saving the money. Cut back where you can – read my posts on saving money for travel here, here and here for inspiration – and watch the dollars stack up as you prepare for your trip.

Step 3: Book Tickets + Get Visas

Plane tickets, tour tickets, inter-rail passes: book ’em all. Get yourself sorted with your itinerary, get your hotel stays booked in and national park passes covered. Check if you need a visa, then organise it if you do.

Step 4: Pack

Make a list of things you need to take with you. Put these things into your bag.

Step 5: GO!

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