Get Vegucated: An Introduction

Eat your vegetables. 

Disclaimer: Absolutely none of these pictures are mine. I also don’t care about how much you love bacon.

In this edition of Get Vegucated, I’m going to be giving an introduction into the effects of the animal agriculture, show you some delicious, easy, cheap meals from some incredible online vegan advocates, and give you some stats on why your bacon is ruining the planet.

Because of today’s current Orwellian-inspired society, it’s tough to get by when you believe in something that isn’t accepted by the masses. The tide is finally turning though, as people are finally beginning to realise the impact that meat consumption has on the environment, our society, and our health.

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I grew up a carnist (Carnism is a concept that discusses humanity’s relationship to other animals and the ideologies that support the use and consumption of animal products, particularly meat), and until a few years ago I was eating meat pretty much every day. I was unhealthy, dissatisfied with my diet and clogged up. It wasn’t working, and I felt guilty every time I ate. I was eating something that had been living and feeling. I was eating “food” that had emotions before it was slaughtered for my consumption.

So I gave it up. I just quit it one day. No more meat for me.

Three years later I’m still waging that war path. I’m very, very strongly opposed to the consumption of animal products and the ideology that vegans are all raving lunatics who don’t get enough protein. I was tweeting and trying to engage in the community; I was shut down by the very people who called themselves my friends. They talked about me behind my back and then got one of them to tell me how irritating I was being and that I needed to stop. I shouldn’t have to stifle my voice or change my views because you feel uncomfortable with the truth.

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I just cannot understand how people would want to support an industry so focused on destroying the planet. It destroys the lives of the people who work in the slaughterhouses (who are mainly POC living in poverty fyi – but that’s the topic for another day). It destroys your health. It destroys the planet.


There is no bigger cause of climate change than the animal product industry, and in fact, cutting meat out from your diet is the best way you can decrease your carbon footprint. Animal agriculture contributes 18% of the global CO2 emission (source: FAO). More recently studies have also shown that the food systems emissions in generally account for as much as a quarter of all human emissions – meaning 12% is from agricultural production (much of which is done just to fee the animals that are being raised for slaughter) and 9% is from farming-induced deforestation and another 3% is from refrigeration and freight.

When you next have a burger, think about the 660 gallons of water that were required to make you 1/3lb burger. 

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Photo by @tessbegg

It’s unacceptable, in this day and age, to not be concerned about the future of our planet. The rate at which we are destroying the world around us is anxiety-inducing, yet people still continue to eat bacon despite all the science that clearly states how bad it is for us and the environment. There is so much information out there: you can’t ignore it anymore.

There is also the misconception that veganism is for the rich and those that have plenty of free time on their hands. Spoiler alert: it isn’t. It isn’t a diet for the privileged; it’s actually the diet that the majority of people living in poverty live off of. Do you know why? Meat, dairy, fish and eggs are all incredibly expensive. Eating vegan food is often the cheapest option – fruit and vegetables are the most cost-effective foods you can buy.

Vegan food is the most delicious, satisfying and fulfilling food I have ever eaten – and it all comes with absolutely no guilt. When you eat vegan, you know that you aren’t costing the environment, you’re saving animal’s lives and you’re making a difference in the world.

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