21 Things I Learned At 21

It’s my 22nd birthday!

Today I have reached the grand old age of 22! In honour of this birthday, here are 21 things that I learned at the age of 21:

  1. You don’t have to know what you want from life just yet
  2. Things that don’t feel good definitely aren’t good for you
  3. Don’t let social media make you feel inadequate
  4. Breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly, it’ll stop your panicking
  5. Spend money on things that make your soul feel on fire
  6. Travelling is healing. Do more of it
  7. Don’t do things because people say that you should; you’ll become very unhappy
  8. If they ghost you, stop texting them; they’re not coming back and they don’t deserve you
  9. Being an adult is hard
  10. Go camping, you’ll actually quite like it
  11. Print out your pictures, the memories will last longer
  12. Love isn’t everything
  13. Degrees only matter so much and don’t get hung up on your student loans – it’s not real money anyway
  14. Ask yourself of your intentions whenever you say, do or post anything
  15. Be your true and authentic self, even if people laugh at you
  16. Do what makes your soul shine
  17. Your “friends” aren’t worth your time; you are better than that
  18. Be appreciative
  19. Skincare is good for the soul
  20. If things feel wrong, they probably are
  21. Do whatever the hell you want because no one can stop you

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