About Annabel

I’m Annabel, I’m 21, and I’m from the UK.

My next adventures:

July 2017 – US West Coast

2018 – Moving to Australia

Travelling and experience new places is what drives me. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up visiting far flung and fascinating places – like Peru, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Bali – and my globetrotting childhood has instilled a sense of restlessness within me.

Adventurous Annabel is my little internet space for re-living and sharing my travel experiences, offering travel advice and discussing everything from environmentalism, veganism and mental health to overcoming issues, all with the attitude that being adventurous can change your life.

Travel and adventure is what keeps me going; if I’m not travelling and not adventuring, you can probably find me in bed (watching either Twin Peaks or Stranger Things), out in the woods walking my dogs, or at the gym.

I am available for collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships – just email adventurousannabel@gmail.com

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ADVENTUROUS (adjective):

  • willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences
  • involving new ideas or methods
  • full of excitement