Travel Bucketlist

Here’s a list of all the things that I want to do on my travels!

See Machu Picchu

See elephants in the wild

See leopards in the wild

Learn to surf

Move to Australia

Road trip the USA east-west

Road trip the west coast of the USA


Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef

Gamble in Vegas

Drink hand grenades on Bourbon Street, New Orleans

See a Broadway show

Do something incredibly spontaneous and that I’ll probably regret!

Visit Noosa and Sunshine Coast in Australia

Go white water rafting

Go camping

See Monument Valley

See the Grand Canyon

Party at the Rio Carnival

Visit the Amazon rainforest

Book a spontaneous trip

Fly in a helicopter

Be an extra in a movie

Visit the Pyramids

Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

See the Northern Lights

Visit the Galapagos islands

Visit Easter Island

Visit Antarctica

Tour Patagonia

Go whale watching

Swim with dolphins

Go on safari in Namibia

Go on safari in South Africa

Go on safari in Kenya

Trek through the Himalayas

Visit Japan

Drive the Great Ocean Road

Walk the Great Wall of China

Tour Scandinavia

Visit St Petersburg, Russia

Visit Petra

Tour India


Visit every state in the US